Why Seek Paint Correction After the Winter?

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By Dawson Gibson

As many of you have seen firsthand, winters in Denver can get extremely cold. Denver gets to lows around 45 F in the winter, and every year, Denver averages 57 inches of snow. During the winter, the harsh conditions can be very hard on your car’s paint. Due to this, we usually recommend that car owners get paint correction services once winter is over, in order to get the maximum benefits from this procedure. 

In Denver, winter ends around the month of March. During spring time, it’s a good idea to get paint correction, so your car’s coat can look good until the next winter comes around. 

Is It Possible to Get Paint Correction During the Winter?

Yes, getting a paint correction done during the winter is still possible. At RnR Auto Detailing, we make sure to provide a well-heated environment so that we will still be able to work with our detailing compounds, even if the temperature is very low outside.

However, due to the harsh conditions of the winter, we usually recommend for our customers to wait until after the winter season.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of fixing imperfections on your car’s paint, such as swirls, rust and faded paint. At RnR Auto Detailing, we also offer paint protection which is when they apply a thin and see-through ceramic coating over the paint on your car to protect it from any future damage.

Why should you care about paint correction?

No one wants an ugly car and if the paint on your car is damaged it can lower its value. There are plenty of ways your car’s paint can be damaged such as, UV rays from the sun, stones on the road and even the winter weather can dull the shine on your car.

Why choose RnR Auto Detailing?

We have a team of skilled experts who have mastered paint correction. Our team makes sure to pay great attention to detail, and as a result we have many excellent reviews from our customers.. This makes us a great choice for anyone located in Denver looking for paint correction.

Interested in having paint correction done? Feel free to send us a message.

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