Getting Your Car Ready for Lease Inspection

By David Kong

Did you know that if you lease a car, you may have to make a payment at the end depending on the condition that it is in? This fee is known as a disposition fee, and basically covers the cost of restoring the vehicle’s condition. The dealership may charge for both damage done in the interior and exterior.

The disposition fee can be very costly. Having a scratch can add on a few hundred dollars. To repair major scratches, they may charge as much as $500. Remember that for anything a dealership charges you, they’re usually charging more than a specialty shop would. This means they’re charging more than detailers for detailing, and more than mechanics for repairs.

Usually, your best option for avoiding the costly fees of the dealership is to get a detailing done before you turn it in. A complete detail of your cars interior and exterior can get it looking in brand-new condition, saving you on many costly fees that the dealership might otherwise charge you.

At RnR Auto Detailing, we’ve assisted many with detailing their leased cars in Denver, Colorado. Our goal is to always do a good job so that our customers don’t have to pay expensive fees to the dealership.

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